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Arte Algarve Open X

11. April  – 29. August 2014
Lagoa, Portugal, Galeria Arte Algarve

»Rose lives near Bielefeld / Germany in an old farmhouse and regularly visits Portugal, where she enjoys working in Romeiras / Monchique. She studied Fine Arts at the Düsseldorf arts academy. Her teachers were Erwin Heerich and Joseph Beuys (both important renovators of sculptural art after the second world war). Rose has been part of Arte Algarve since the very beginning and has realized numerous sculptures during her visits in Portugal. At first the cork material inspired her to works especially connected to the region. Since the extensive bushfire in the Mountains of Monchique 2006, she discovered the burnt roots of wild heather that lead to a whole new approach. The blackened root stimulates the transformational process of rubbing and sanding until the final sculpture with the wonderful coloured structure reveals its hidden beauty. Besides the wood sculptures she makes wood engravings. As she works with multiple colours on one printing plate, she engages a mixture of printing and painting, which results in an unique picture. She uses a black printing surface, so that the forms – not covered by the paint – deal with the figurative content, while the actually printed areas are free to develop a rich and atmospheric play.«